Tp-Link extender setup using iPhone

Looking for an answer to TP-Link extender setup using iPhone. Don’t worry this article will help you to do it easily without any trouble.

But before we follow instructions to do tp-link extender setup using iPhone. You need to make sure, if you are using an old extender then reset your tp-link extender to factory settings.

On iPhone the user can do the tp-link extender setup via two methods. Following are the methods:

  1. Via Web Browser
  2. Via Tether App

In this article, we will discuss about both methods one-by-one.

TP-Link extender setup using iPhone via web browser method

If you are doing tp-link extender setup using iPhone make sure your iPhone does not have Internet Access. So turn off your Cellular Data (Mobile Data) and WiFi Connection. If you keep your cellular data turn on you might not able to access the login page of your TP-Link extender.

Once you turn off the mobile data or cellular data on your iPhone, then we ready to do the setup. Follow the step-by-step guide below to setup your TP-Link Extender with an iPhone:

  • First of all, open Settings on your iPhone and go to the WiFi setting.
  • Under WiFi settings, you need to connect your iPhone with TP-Link_Extender WiFi Network SSID.
  • As you are connected with the default SSID, now open a web browser on your iPhone such as Safari or Google Chrome.
  • In the browser, you need to type the default setup URL i.e.; and click on Search.
  • Once you click on search, it will take you to the Create Login Password screen. Here, you need to create your Login Password for future access.
  • Create Login Password and click on Start Setup.
  • Now it will ask you to select your Network that you would like to extend. Select the Network and Enter your WiFi Password. Click on Next.
  • It will take some time to apply the setting.
  • Once your extender is connected, you can change the location of your extender.

How can i check is my TP-Link extender working or not?

Well, you can check that with the help of an LED indication. Every TP-Link extender model has LED lights on it, which tells the functionality of the extender. Every model has a different set of LED lights on it. If you are getting a Solid Signal LED or it is not Amber or Red in color, it means your extender is working properly.

The other way to check the working status of the extender is, you can go to the wifi setting on one of your devices. Look for Network Name which is Starting with your Router’s WiFi Name and ending up with _EXT. (This case does not apply on Mesh Extender, because Mesh Extender keeps the same name as your router). So, if you are getting any wifi network name which is ending with _EXT. Then, your extender is connected and working great. You just need to connect your device by typing the same password as your router.

Important Tips:

  • While changing the location, make sure your extender is in a halfway of the distance that you want to cover from the router.
  • In case if you are getting RED or AMBER light on it after changing the location. Then, try to change the location until you get solid light on it.
  • In case, if your are not able to access the Web URL You can try or try to reboot your modem and router.