How can I check the working status of tp link extender

Every extender has LED lights on it which provides useful information about the particular model number of the extender. For Example; If the power light is blinking that means it is booting up and if it is solid it means it is ready to ready. If you want to know, how can I check the working status of tp link extender then it is important to understand the indication of LED lights. In this article, we will talk about the LED behavior of tp link extender in different scenarios.

For the first-time configuration, you can check the working status of tp link extender by following methods.

Method 1: If you are doing the setup via WPS or RE button

You can check the working status of TP link extender via WPS or RE button. It is recommended to use RE or WPS LED as a indication while setting up the device via WPS method. If WPS or RE light changes from “blinking” to “Solid” it means the WPS connection is successful. After the successful connection Signal LED will also turn to solid.

Note: Different model number of extenders may responde diffrently on WPS or RE LED light.

For Example; After the successful connection via the WPS method, the RE or WPS lights of TL-WA850RE will keep solid “ON”. On the other side, RE200’s RE or WPS LED light will just lat “ON” for about 1 – 2 minutes and then be off.

So if you want to know about the more information about the working starus of tp link extender. Then the signals LED is the best option.

Method 2: If your extender is already configured

The signal LED light will give the accurate information about the working status of the TP link wifi range extender. It will tell you whether you have configured your extender successfully or not. Once your extender is connected to the router, the Signal LED will be solid “ON”. It does not matter what is the color of the Signal LED and how many signal bars are you getting.

The color and the number of the signal bar show the signal strength of the extender that the extender gets from the main router. With the help of signal LED you can choose the best location for your TP link extender.

If signal LED is solid in color, it means it has strong connection.

If Signal LED turns to RED or Amber on color, it shows waek connection and try to move your extender close to the router.

Important Information:

Sometimes extender shows the solid LED light on signal, even shows the network name undere wifi connection. But when user tries to connect his device to it, it says “No Internet”. It issue occurs several time.

There could be many reasons that the user is facing this issue. It could have happened, the user did not reboot the modem and router before doing the setup. Secondly, extneder does not have latest firmware update on it.

It is always recommended to reboot the modem and router before doing the setup. If rebooting does not fix the problem then try to Update the firmware of your extender.

You can also try to reset this to the factory setting.


  1. The WPS or RE LED light, we can use to check the status of WPS process. Once you press the WPS button on it, it starts blinking and within 2 minutes it changes from blinking to solid. It means WPS process is successful.
  2. The signal LED will tell you the exact working status of the extender. So in most of the cases you can the signal LED light to check if you have successfully configured your extender.