Tplinkrepeater Setup

TP-Link provides variety of extenders that helps user to extend their wifi signals. Tplinkrepeater connects to router wirelessly and it extends  router’s wifi. Tplinkrepeater works on two operational modes as an extender and as an access point. TP-Link extenders one of the best extenders, their design and hardware makes them unique. It is very easy to configure TP-Link extender with web URL These extenders are compaitable for Home and Business Networking needs. These extenders work on easy to use User Interface, which create less complications for user. By the time TP-Link launces new firmware updates with latest technology, so user can simply update firmware on it.


Setup Tplinkrepeater with Web Method ( or

Setting up an extender with a Web URL ( or is very easy. Sometimes users not able to access the web interface due to several reasons. But if you follow these steps below. you will be able to access or without any trouble.

  • At first, plug your extender to the power and wait for solid light. (If your extender is not new, then it’s recommended to reset your extender to factory settings).
  • Open wifi connections on your device.
  • Connect your device to TP-Link_Extender. (If your device is not connected to TP-Link_Extender, you won’t be able to access web URL)
  • Open browser, and type or in the address bar of your browser.
  • Now, it will take you to the login page, here you can create login password.
  • Select the wifi that you would like to extend and type the password for it and finally your extender is connected to the router.

Setup TP-Link Extender with WPS Method

This is the simplest method to setup TP-Link Extender. Sometimes, it doesn’t work because most of the time WPS remains disabled on the router. And user can also try to reboot the router if it doesn’t work on the first attempt.

  • Before pressing WPS, reboot your modem and router.
  • After rebooting the modem and router, plug your extender into the outlet (If your extender is not new, make sure you will reset your extender to factory settings).
  • Now, the user can press the WPS button on the router and extender.
  •  WPS light will start blinking, and it will take a few seconds and after that extender will be configured.

Note: If it doesn’t get connect with WPS. It means WPS is disabled on the router, some of the routers do not support the hardware button on the router but every router has a soft button in the router settings. In this case, if the user knows how to access router login and how to enable WPS on it then the user can enable it. Otherwise, the user needs to take help from his router provider in order to enable WPS settings.

Setup With Tether App

  • Open Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore on your device and type TP-Link Tether and install the app on your device.
  • Now, open the setting on your phone and go to wifi settings. Select your extender’s wifi TP-Link_Extender.
  • Launch the Tether App on your device and select your extender model from the device list.
  • It will prompt you to the login screen.
  • Create login password ( It is not the wifi password ).
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions. It will ask the user to select the network name that the user would like to extend and type the wifi password for it.

How to update firmware on tplinkrepeater?

It can be a bit complicated to update firmware on the TP-Link extender. But don’t worry, if the user follows the instructions below, the user will be able to do it without any complication.

  • At first, the user needs to download the latest firmware for the extender which the user is using from the TP-Link Official Website.
  • Download the firmware file, save it on the computer. Now, use unzip tools such as WinZip or WinRAR to extract the firmware file.
  • Now, login to the extender login or web management page.
  • After login, click on System Tools–Firmware Upgrade.
  • Click on the Browse option and select the file from the computer that you have extracted.
  • Click on the Upgrade button and the extender will reboot automatically, once the upgrade has been finished. It will take about 2 min.

Note: Do not unplug or press any button on the TP-Link Extender while upgrading firmware.